during the autumn rutting season, red deer stag find themselves with elaborate bracken crowns from having rubbed their heads against the ground, which they do to strengthen their neck muscles so as to help them in battle with those competing for the affections of the does. photos by (click pic) mark smith, toby melville, luke millward and greg morgan in london’s richmond park. (see also: more autumn rut in richmond park)

Jesus, Jesus he says, but he’s not praying to Jesus, he’s praying to you, not to your body or your face but to that space you hold at the centre, which is the shape of the universe… How does it feel to be a god… ?

Margaret Atwood, from “Worship,” Murder in the Dark  (via themaraudersaredead)

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who is john. why is he locked. free him .


Original luna moth dotwork tattoo by Summer Breeze at Jinx Proof Tattoo Emporium in Johnson City, TN.

artist’s instagram @beautymarkings


I, Romance Detective, vow to carry out ROMANTIC JUSTICE.

     ❤ semi-selective Romance Detective
     ❤ single liners, dialogue, short para and multipara
     (the latter preferred but not expected)
     ❤ open to alternate universes, crossovers, ocs, ect
     ❤six+ years roleplaying experience, two on tumblr
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important ship question: who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt



im an asshole in the morning before i have coffee

ive had my coffee. im still an asshole

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