Macaroni and cheese? I don’t think I’ve ever had that. It’ll be mind-blowing, I’m sure.

[She knows it’s easy stuff, but she’s fine with that. Sonya came over to relax, after all — better that they have something undemanding and warm and comforting than fuck around trying to be culinary. She flashes him a weary smile when he asks, pushing off of the wall to stand a little closer.]

I’m hardly nice, DC… [She watches his hands move for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts together.] I. Suppose I came for some distraction. There’s always something bothering me, but it’s tolerable when I’m not alone, thinking. You offered, and so I’m here.

Glad to be of service, as always, Miss Sonya. I… know how that feels, I guess. I’ve never been good at seeking out company but sometimes that’s the best way to fend off bothersome thoughts.

[DC  matches her tired smile and continues his work, not that it’s a terribly arduous task, but he does try to put in a little more effort these days now that John’s taught him a few things. It’s the first time he’s cooked for someone other than the two of them ever, so. He’d hate to disappoint.]

You’re always welcome to come around when you’re, you know. If you’re feeling out of sorts. I may not be the safest or sanest person to be around but. The offer stands.



There’s really not that much to do for one person, really. You can stay here and keep me company, if you want. That’d be nice.

[John just shrugs a bit and stares at what he brought for a moment; so maybe he did go a little overboard chopping everything up before he got there, but really, he doesn’t know DC’s kitchen and it’s always so much nicer to cook in a familiar space. He’ll work on getting to know this place, but for now things will be prepped in his kitchen.]

Actually, I could use a bowl, something big. And a spatula or similar. And a skillet. That’s kind of key to this whole process, and I’ll have to do it in stages because this is too many eggs for one pan unless you’ve got something truly impressive.

[With that he heads to the sink to wash and then it’s time to start opening tupperware—might be nice to lay everything out on a cutting board just to look at it all but that’s not really necessary and it’ll just dirty more things. It’s maybe kind of exciting to do this here, surrounding himself with the familiar tang of diced peppers and that sweet smell of the ham he’s always liked.]

I think, if I’m going to have a key to your apartment you should have one to mine, yeah? Might be a reason to get you over there more often.

[He goes right off to fetch what John’s asked for, retrieving a large mixing bowl— used once, maybe—, a spatula that’s seen better days, and the skillet that thank god he remembered to wash after making scrambled eggs the other day. It’s not big enough to cook everything at once but it ought to get the job done, and he grabs his old cutting board too, just in case it’s needed. Everything’s placed on the counter and for a moment he just looks at John, waiting for approval; hello, yes, I brought the things you wanted, I did good, right?]

That’s the best I’ve got here. I don’t think anything in here’s been updated since I got the place, except for my coffeemaker.

[Since he woke up one day and realized he lived here, he means. Still weird to say out loud.

It’s then that the comment about the key clicks with him, and he takes a long sip of his coffee to hide his grin at the prospect.]

I mean, if you want? That’d be nice. We almost never hang around at your place. Probably have better space for cooking there, I imagine.

Anyway, ah. How else can I help, here?


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 // while we’re at it, I almost forgot I have a fucking Jacket cosplay

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- So what is the best way to a man’s heart?
- Between the fourth and fifth rib.

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