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those relationships between characters where when one of them dies the other just completely loses themselves and is so angry and starts taking unnecessary risks and getting sloppy and careless when it comes to keeping out of danger and staying safe more like haha. why. haha why do that. haha why. why.



-beth pecora

april is national poetry month! i’ve joined a blog (run by my fave person acrooks) where i’ll be posting some of my work alongside a bunch of other great writers!  I’d like to post everyday, but my life is crazy busy so i’ll be contributing about once or twice a week. if you wanna feel feelings you should check it out! 

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[John’s standing in the kitchen trying to busy his hands scrubbing dishes that are already clean; when DC enters he dries his fingers and hurries over with nervousness written all over his face. Maybe he should have heated something up to eat. Maybe he’s not hungry? Maybe he doesn’t want to talk.]

Hey. Hey? Is everything alright?

[He doesn’t know whether to hover or to give DC his space so he settles for somewhere in the middle, all wringing hands and short jerking movements.]

[At first he doesn’t speak, just closes the distance between them and slides his arms around John’s waist. There’s a quiet little sound, not quiet a sob, something more akin to a sigh from deep in his chest as he buries his face in the bend of John’s neck and shoulder.]

No. Yeah. It’s dumb, I just. Got really overwhelmed by nothing and. I just felt so scared. Of everything.

[DC’s words are muffled as he all but collapses against his boyfriend’s front, shivering even though he’s inside from the cold.]

Can we have some dinner and watch a movie or something? I just wanna feel normal again.



Yeah, why don’t you drive over here. The door’s unlocked.

Thank you. Yeah. I’ll be over soon.

[He wastes no time getting the hell out of there, tying up his boots and throwing on an old sweater over his shirt. It’s chillier out than he realized but it doesn’t matter; once he’s outside in the alley to get his car he feels safer already, but the sense of wrongness still hasn’t left.
The drive feels takes too long, but in truth it’s the fastest he’s ever gotten there. For a minute he just stands in John’s doorway, locking up behind himself without saying anything.]




Do you want me to come over?


Or I can come over there? I think I’m okay to drive. I want to get out of my apartment. I feel like it’s closing up around me.

Lays facedown on the couch.
I feel weird.

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grumbles quietly.

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1. injury.

2. violation.

Etymology: German verletzen (to hurt, to injure) +‎ -ung (suffix forming nouns from verbs).

[Himmapaan - Wound]

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